Libertyville Cross Country Invite


Libertyville High School - Libertyville, IL -- Adler Park


WHAT: Libertyville Bill Dortch-Harry Carlson Cross Country Invitational WHEN: Saturday, September 16, 2017
WHERE: Adler Park - Libertyville - Route 21 (Milwaukee Avenue)

1/2 mile north of business district TIME: 9:00 a.m.


  1. We are asking all teams to come in uniform as we have no dressing rooms or shower facilities at the park.

  2. The finish is at the wide end of the chute. Judges will be in charge of the finish and chute.

  1. Order of finish numbers will be given each contestant as he/she leaves the chute. Each coach should attach the runners’ labels provided to the finish card. Do not cover up the finish number with the label.

  2. Coaches are asked to help keep the course clear and to help keep spectators from crowding around the finish chute. The finish area is surrounded by yellow caution tape, please help keep athletes and spectators from entering this area.

    A RED FLAG indicates a turn to the left.
    A YELLOW FLAG indicates a turn to the right. A BLUE FLAG indicates straight ahead.
    A WHITE LINE will also mark the entire course.

    Runner must pass on the RIGHT side of RED FLAGS and on the LEFT side of YELLOW FLAGS.

  4. ENTRY FEE should be received ($75 boys/ $75 girls or $150 for both). Mail to Libertyville High School Attn: Athletic Director, 708 W. Park Ave, Libertyville, IL 60048.

  5. Each team will start from a box on the starting line. Positions will be drawn at random. Your starting box number is marked on the outside of your envelope.

  6. All coaches pick up information folders at the chalet upon arrival.

  7. Please park all buses in the Adler Grade School lot. Attendants will direct the busses.

  8. Three long blasts on a whistle will be blown five minutes before the meet begins (8:55 a.m.). Gun will sound at three minutes (8:57 a.m.). Please see that your contestants are at the starting line for instructions at this time.

  9. The athletic trainer will be present and will always be located by the finish chute. If you need medical assistance or ice, please locate our trainer. The trainer will also have a radio and a golf cart to be able to move quickly around the course when needed.

  10. Invitational t-shirts will be on sale at the meet.

Boys Course Record: Gerardo Perez, Lake Zurich – 15:02 - 2008
Girls Course Record: Heather Olson, Warren – 17:59 - 2008

Coach/Parent 2-mile: Chad Ware, Northside College Prep – 10:05 - 2008


ENTRIES      DIVISIONS              DISTANCE            START TIME            

Unlimited      Frosh/Soph Girls      3 miles                9 am

Unlimited      Frosh/Soph Boys      3 miles                9:30 am

12 girls         Varsity Girls             3 miles                10 am

12 boys        Varsity Boys             3 miles                10:30 am

Unlimited       Open-Girls              3 miles                 11 am

Unlimited       Open-Boys              3 miles                 11:30 am

Unlimited       Coaches/Parents/Open  2 miles            12 pm