24 Hour Run

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”  -John Bunyan

Since 1994, Highland Park High school has devoted the entire month of February to raising money for a charity nominated and voted upon by the students.


Starting in 2006, Highland Park High School boys track & field team members, senior Zach Weinberg with the help of then junior Evan Reinstein came up with 24 Hour Run.   The 24 Hour Run is a 24-hour relay event in which participants take turns running 1 mile at a time.   Since the start of the event in 2006, the Highland Park High School boys track & field team and girls track & field team have joined efforts to raise as much money as possible to contribute to Charity Drive.  In addition, we have had great support and participation in running and donating by Highland Park High School staff, community members, friends, family, and alumni of the HP Track & Field program.  The event takes place on HPHS’s indoor track for 24 hours.  Our goal each year is to cover over 200 miles during the 24 hours of the relay and raise as much money as we can for charity.  


2021 24 Hour Run event details.


Below is a list of the organizers from the boys track & field team as well as the miles run and amount of money raised for each year the 24 Hour Run has taken place:

Year Senior  Junior Miles Money Raised


2006 Zack Weinberg Evan Reinstein 219 $15,498    
2007 Evan Reinstein Jeremy Hersh 224 $17,220    
2008 Jeremy Hersh Ben Swerdlow 242 $19,600 Pictures  
2009 Ben Swerdlow Josh Mintzer 247 $20,800    
2010 Josh Mintzer Quinn McAleer 244 $26,600 Pictures  
2011 Quinn McAleer  Ari Feldman 245 $19,800 Pictures  
2012 Ari Feldman Emmett Smith 243 $28,200 Pictures  Video
2013 Emmett Smith Jeremy Bloom 243 $24,700 Pictures  Video
2014 Jeremy Bloom Dylan Kahn 216 $17,300 Pictures  Video
2015 Dylan Kahn Joe Pinsky 219 $28,500 Pictures  Video
2016 Joe Pinsky Charlie Skurie  209  $30,116   Video 
2017 Charlie Skurie Zach Auerbach 196 $21,192.43 Pictures Video
2018 Zach Auerbach Jose Reyes 189 $19,306.95  Pictures  
2019 Jose Reyes Ryan Rosenfeld  189.5 $13,500  Pictures  
2020 Ryan Rosenfeld Jason Polydoris 187 $12,511 Pictures  
2021 Jason Polydoris Ted Zinox ? ?    


The following was a message sent to the team in 2010 from Zack Weinberg:

"It really means a lot to me as well as the many other alums that you guys are keeping the 24-hour run tradition alive. HPHS Track and Field/XC is a very unique and special organization. It is a program with a great coaching staff, a program that offers young adults with the tools to improve themselves as athletes, and a program that has class. You guys are really part of a team that is special, a team that will be missed as you move on in life. So take advantage of the opportunities that you have now, opportunities that may not exist once you leave high school. So I wish you guys the best of luck next weekend. Remember that the 24-hour run is not simply a way to earn recognition around school, but a way to work together as a track and field team to better society. Thanks for keeping the tradition alive, Zack Weinberg (2006 HPHS Grad)"