Glenbrook North vs Highland Park and Marist


Glenbrook North High School - Northbrook, IL -- Glenbrook North High School Indoor Track

We will have 2 buses going to the meet. Please meet at the H Entrance by 3:30pm dressed in uniform and warm-ups/sweats.


Date: February 16th 2022 Time: 4:30pm Schools: Highland Park and Marist 

Glenbrook North High School Track and Field 

We are pleased to host you and your team at our indoor facility. Our track is 160 meters per lap  (10 laps to mile) with eight lanes 42” wide on the straight and five lanes 42” wide on the curve.  The long jump board is 9 feet from the pit and the triple jump boards are 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, or 40  feet for the athletes to choose from. 

  • No Spikes – Plastic Soled Shoes With Spikes Removed OK 
  • No Food Or Beverages (Except Water) In The Fieldhouse 
  • Unlimited Entries 
  • No Team Scores Will Be Kept 

In events where heats are to be held, the first heat will contain your fastest runner. All other heats  will be filled randomly until everyone has had their opportunity to compete. 

Field Events

Long Jump

Triple Jump

High Jump

Pole Vault

Shot Put

Order Of Events 

  • 3200 Meter Relay 
  • 55 Meter High Hurdles 
  • 50 Meter Dash 
  • 800 Meter Run 
  • 4 X 1 Lap Relay   
  • 400 Meter Dash  
  • 55 Meter Low Hurdles  
  • 1600 Meter Run  
  • 200 Meter Dash 
  •  Throwers 4 X 1 Lap Relay  
  • 1600 Meter Relay 

Date: February 16th 2022 Time: 4:30pm Schools: Highland Park and Marist