Highland Park vs. Loyola and Evanston


Evanston (IL) High School - Evanston, IL -- Evanston High School Fieldhouse

Outdoor Track & Field Meet at Evanston

Highland Park vs Evanston vs Loyola

Tuesday, April 12th, 2022




Approximately 4:30 pm Field Events 

LONG JUMP Cafeteria Style, 3 jumps each

TRIPLE JUMP Cafeteria Style, (Follows long jump), 3 jumps each

HIGH JUMP Starting height TBD 

DISCUS Cafeteria Style, 4 throws each

SHOT PUT Cafeteria Style (Follows Discus), 4 throws each

POLE VAULT Starting height TBD


Approximately 5:00 pm Track Events 

Heats will be run slowest to fastest


  1. 4 X 800m Relay
  2. 4 X 100m Relay
  3. 3200m Run
  4. 110HH
  5. 100m Dash
  6. 800m Run
  7. 4 X 200m Relay
  8. 400m Dash
  9. 300IM
  10. 1600m Run
  11. 200m Dash
  12. 4X400m Relay