CSL Quad vs. Deerfield, Maine West, and Vernon Hills


Deerfield High School - Deerfield, IL -- Deerfield High School Back Fields

The course will be lined and flagged as well.  We will have port 'o' potties in 2 different locations (near the 1-mile mark and by the track), but the athletes will not have access to locker rooms inside.

We will try to follow the time schedule below.  Head coaches can convene when the last team arrives to determine the starting time for the first race.  We will start the next race as soon as the preceding one is finished.  As you know, each race has unlimited entries.
Each runner will be given a number.  Coaches should write that number in permanent marker on the runner's hand and we will use that to match up each finisher with their name, place, and time.
Depending when teams arrive, possible updated schedule:
4:45 Boys Varsity (3 mile)
5:10 Girls Varsity (3 mile)
5:40 Boys F/S (2 mile)
6:00 Girls JV (2 mile)