CSL Quad vs. Vernon Hills, Maine West, and Niles North


Vernon Hills High School - Vernon Hills, IL -- Deerpath Park

Date: September 12, 2023 


Schools: Highland Park HS, Maine West HS, Niles North HS, Vernon Hills HS

CSL North Cross Country Quad Meet hosted by Vernon Hills High School

Scoring: Scoring will be completed the old fashion way, by hand. Please instruct your runners to stay in order as they complete the race and they will be handed a scoring card. They will be funneled to a scoring table where we will record their finishing position.  Results will be tallied and emailed to all coaches later on in the evening.

Schedule: 4:30 PM – JV Girls  (2 miles)

5:00 PM – F/S Boys (2 miles)

5:30 PM – Varsity Girls (3 miles)

6:00 PM – Varsity Boys (3 miles)

Parking:  See map. Buses should enter the park via Cherokee Road. Athletes should be dropped off in the parking lot. Buses will be directed to park in the north parking lot off Warrington Road.

Official: John Guild

Course:  Course maps are attached. The course is located in Deerpath Park in Vernon Hills, IL. The 2.0 mile course consists of one big loop. The 3.0 mile course consists of one big loop and one small loop.   The course will be single lined throughout the majority of the loop and it will be flagged with red, yellow and blue flags.

2.0 Mile Course Map *note runners run through the finish shoot backwards from 3 mile race

3.0 Mile Course Map