Josh Bean Helps Iowa Win Indoor Duel Meet vs. Illinois

Sunday, January 10 2010 - Josh Bean

Josh Bean (HP Class of 2006) helps the University of Iowa track & field team earn a victory over the University of Illinois.   Josh won the triple jump (14.38 meters - 47' 2")  and came in second in the long jump with a jump over 22 feet (6.77 meters).  



Swol!!!!Monday, January 11 :: 7:06:08 pm      
in the results, i see a lot of guys from who ran high school xc and track in illinois

NoodlesMonday, January 11 :: 10:43:16 pm      
Illinois Reppin. Except for Marchese...

NoodlesMonday, January 11 :: 10:47:19 pm      
Also, if not for Josh, they would have lost. It was a one point spread.

ButiTuesday, January 12 :: 9:33:53 pm      
That is just one of the awesome aspects of track & is a great team sport. In a meet decided by one point, everyone on the team had to do their part. Josh was a huge part of that. It is so wonderful to see all of his commitment and hard work continue to pay off for him.

Swol!!!!Wednesday, January 13 :: 10:35:26 pm      
speaking of hard work and commitment, RAISE MONEY FOR 24 HOUR RUN!!!