HP Cross Country Runners Finish Well In North Shore Half Marathon

Sunday, June 13 2010

Highland Park High School Boys Cross Country was well represented in the 2010 North Shore Half Marathon which had 2067 finishers. Senior Ari Rothschild (ran using Garrett Smith's chip due to an ankle injury) finished in an outstanding 9th place overall!   He ran a time of 1:21:11, which is just under 6:12 per mile pace.   Sophomore Jonah Hanig (the day after running 4:46.42 for a full mile at the Midwest Distance Gala) finished in 19th place.   His time was 1:24:28.  Another sophomore, Emmett Smith finished in 27th place with a time of 1:26:40.   Ben Swerdlow (HP Class of 2009), who now runs for Cornell College, finished in 43rd place running 1:29:00.  
Great job HP!


atkinsSunday, June 13 :: 11:40:17 pm      
i think that was ari runnin and he just stole garretts name. still a sick time. nice job ar.

hungryrunner11Monday, June 14 :: 12:51:09 am      
Thanks Jordan. Unfortunatley Garrett suffered an ankle injury during an ultimate frisbee game yesterday and was unable to run so I took his bib number and ran as Garrett for the half marathon. Hope you get well soon G!

ButiMonday, June 14 :: 6:17:27 am      
I fixed it. Nice run guys. Sorry about the ankle injury Garrett.

jacobsMonday, June 14 :: 4:05:55 pm      
.... and Ian Jacobs Junior on HP banditing the race running a 1:23:19 in between 12-15th place

atkinsMonday, June 14 :: 7:59:11 pm      
BOOOOOOOOOOOOO IAN! if of you can't ante up the entry fee, you don't get your name in the article

noodlemanlMonday, June 14 :: 11:37:50 pm      
Interjection: My HALF MARATHON WAS GREAT!-Ian Jacobs

jacobsTuesday, June 15 :: 8:53:04 pm      
jordan the entry fee was 70$...and i didnt decide to run untill i talked to ari (who was also going to bandit the race had the Garret thing not happened) the day before the race

skotty626Thursday, June 17 :: 5:50:31 pm      
meh im IAN

esmith28Thursday, June 17 :: 7:02:03 pm      
anyone see the pioneer press? there is a whole paragraph about how garrett (Ari) was the first hp finisher... haha. and john rivera was the first in the 5k with a time of 21 minutes..