Cross Country Meet vs. Niles North


Niles North High School - Skokie, IL -- Harms Woods

2020 Niles North Cross Country Meet Information Sheet


Be at HPHS by 3:30pm so the buses can leave by 3:40pm. We will meet by the H Entrance at the back of the school.



Niles North’s home course is Harms Woods in Groves #1 and #2.  The course is located just Northwest of the corner of Golf Rd and Harms.


Parking and Team Camps 

Buses should drop off athletes in the circle parking lot located off of Harms, just North of Golf Rd and Harms.  Teams should set up their team camps near the southwest pavilion (by the 1 mile marker) and maintain social distancing at all times.


Format of Races

To maintain social distancing as much as possible, Niles North will use a waved, “pursuit style” format.  This means that each school will run in a separate race for each level (never racing at the same time).  Additionally, Niles North’s individual runners will stagger their starts, with a new runner beginning every 10-15 seconds.  


Order of Races


Boys Races

5:00 pm start of the first race. (Or approximately 30 minutes after the visiting team has arrived.)  All other races will start as soon as possible.

  • Varsity Boys (3  miles)- 10 Visiting team runners (staggered starts) 5:00pm
  • Varsity Boys (3 miles) - 10 Niles North runners (staggered starts) 5:30pm
  • F/S Boys (2 miles)- 10 Visiting team runners (staggered starts) 6:00pm
  • F/S Boys (2 miles)- 10 Niles North runners (staggered starts) 6:30pm


*No race will start until all competitors from the previous race are out of the area of competition.  Coaches will need to help clear their athletes in order to start the next race. 


Harms Woods has a strict 50 person limit (no waves) including officials, coaches, workers, etc.  A maximum of up to 10 runners will be allowed per school for the JV and Varsity races (40 total runners).   


Course Map

A course map is included with the meet information.  JV Girls and F/S Boys run 2 miles and the Varsity Girls and Boys run 3 miles.


Warm Up & Cool Down

Teams will not be allowed to warm up or cool down on the course.  The team camp area should have plenty of space to do drills, strides, and other warm up routines.  Staff will let you know when it is OK to take your runners to the start line.


Starting Line

The starting line will be set up for social distancing.  All athletes will be spaced 6 feet apart.  Marks will be on the startline to ensure this.  Do not send your athletes to the start line until you have received notification.


Timing and Scoring

Finishes will be videotaped and reviewed to determine results.  Only varsity races will be scored.  Video will be shared with coaches who can determine times and places for other races.  Because of the staggered nature of the races, coaches will send out results the night of the race to avoid waiting.


Finish Line

A wide mouth finish will be used.  Athletes need to exit the area as soon as they have finished their race.  Athletes will not receive a place or time at the finish.  Video will be used to score the meet at a later time.  Additionally, Niles North times will need to be calculated because of the pursuit style, staggered starts.  Coaches, please help keep the finish area clear of your athletes so as to maintain social distancing.


Restrooms & Locker Rooms

Locker rooms will not be available due to Covid and the course being located off campus.  There will be two porta-potties located right at the circle drive.   


Athletic Trainers

Niles North will have Athletic Trainers available on site with access to an AED.  The medical staff will need to be conservative (CCDPH) for treatment of COVID symptoms.  Athletic Trainers will treat the athlete within reason, but due to the unknown, any athlete with signs/symptoms of COVID will be isolated for everyone’s health and safety until their parents can come pick them up.  If an athlete has pre-existing medical issues, please have your coach or Athletic Trainer inform our medical team prior to the event.



District 219 will not allow spectators.  When parents are picking up their student athletes, they should remain in the car until the athlete is ready.  


Additional Guidelines and Protocols

  • All visiting teams are responsible for screening their own athletes before they leave on the bus or as they exit their car before gathering with their team.
  • All athletes & coaches must wear a mask at all times except when warming up, running the race, or cooling down.  This includes when going to the bathroom and when at the team camp. 
  • Athletes/teams should bring their own water as the Athletic Trainers will only be providing water in cases of emergency.


 2 mile course Description:

  • The runners will follow the route as shown above. Runners will pass behind the starting line a total of 3 times. After the third time, the runners will then follow the course to the finish. 
  • On the third time around the course, runners will turn left at a designated tree, cutting off the northern section of the course, making it about 2 miles. 
  • The perimeter of the course is about 1300 meters. 
  • As in track, please help your athletes keep track of where they are on the course. If you have a coach available, please use the tree, just 50 meters from the finish line as a location to help athletes know their course location.

3 Mile Course Description:

  • Runners will complete about 3.5 loops, passing behind the finish line 4 times before turning in for the finish. 
  • As in track, please help your athletes keep track of where they are on the course. If you have a coach available, please use the tree, just 50 meters from the finish line as a location to stand to help athletes know their course location.
  • The perimeter of the course is about 1300 meters.