Grant Tri Meet


Grant - Ingleside, IL -- Bulldog Athletic Complex


XC Meet at Bulldog Athletic Complex, 26421 W. Molidor Rd, Ingleside, IL. 


Buses Scheduled For 8:30am at the H Entrance!

Update with the final schedule for Saturday morning.  We have 4 schools competing on the girls side (Grant, Mundelein, Vernon Hills, and Zion-Benton) and 3 schools competing on the boys side (Grant, Highland Park, Zion-Benton).


Here is the final updated schedule for Saturday with changes noted in bold:


9:00am – Girls Varsity (10 runners maximum per team)

9:30am – Girls JV1 (10 runners maximum per team)

10:05am – Girls JV2 (All remaining girls runners)

10:45am – Boys Varsity (13 runners for each school)

11:15am – Boys JV (All remaining boys)


The above schedule will ensure no more than 40 runners per race and give every runner the opportunity to compete.  If there are any concerns with the schedule please let me know.




Our course is at the Bulldog Athletic Complex, 26421 W. Molidor Rd, Ingleside, IL.  We will have designated areas for your teams when you arrive Saturday morning near the softball field area closest to starting line.  We will need to keep runners off the course when they are not competing and there will be an orange line near the team areas to remind them of this.  Since Girls Varsity is competing first, they can warm-up on the course.  For the other races, they will have to warm-up and cool-down off the course.  Right outside our property along Molidor Rd. there is a running path and there is another complex next to our property that your runners can use for warm-ups and cool-downs.