Cross Country Meet vs. Vernon Hills


Highland Park High School - Highland Park, IL -- Larry Fink Memorial Park


Cross Country Meet vs. Vernon Hills

Hosted by Highland Park High School

Located at Larry Fink Memorial Park



2 miles - 5:15 pm (44 maximum runners)

3 miles - 5:45 pm (44 maximum runners)

*Times may be adjusted depending on the arrival of the visiting team.


Athlete Screenings: All visiting team members must be pre-screened (including temperature checks) at their home school before attending the meet. Home team members will be screened upon arrival.


Team Camps and Warm-Up Locations: Each team will have a separate designated team camp area. ALL team members are expected to wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart while in the team camp area. Each team will have different warm-up routes (the route is .5 miles one way and is shown on the map). Dynamics and strides will need to be done in a location near the team run outs from the starting line.


Starting Line: A whistle and white flag being waved will determine when the starting area is ready for the athletes to come to from their team areas. We will have a front starting line and a second starting line 6 feet behind that. The front line will hold the 11 fastest runners from each team for that race. The line will be marked to have each runner 6 feet apart. The second line will also be able to hold 11 runners per team, each 6 feet apart on designated marks. (Numbers per team can be adjusted depending on team sizes). 


Course (map provided): The course is flat and runs on grass and a crushed limestone trail. Each race will be led by someone on a bike. 


Finish: When athletes come across the finish line, they immediately will be directed out of the finish area and back to their team camps. The finish will be video recorded for results.


Spectators: No spectators will be allowed at the meet due to District 113 COVID restrictions. (Bus parking)


Bathrooms: We will have portable bathrooms available for competitors. A mask must be worn when using the bathrooms.


Results: They will be provided later that evening via email and posted on .