Cross Country Meet vs. Maine West


Maine West - Des Plaines, IL -- Maine West High School

Please meet at the H Entrance for the buses to the meet around 3:30pm. We would like to leave no later than 3:40pm. Parking is limited at Maine West, so if able to, team members are encouraged to take the buses.


2020 Maine West Cross Country Meet Information 


Estimated schedule depending on when teams arrive at the meet with time to warm-up:

5:00pm 2.15-mile

5:30pm 3-mile

Welcome to the 2020 cross country season. This year will be unlike any other. Below is important information regarding guidelines and protocols that will be in place when you arrive at Maine West High School for a cross country meet. 

Team Camps 

A campus map is included below with locations marked. Buses should drop off athletes near the visiting team stadium entrance located on Maine West Drive. Visiting teams should be masked upon arrival and immediately head to the infield grass of the stadium. While this is farther away from the start/finish lines it does provide the social distancing set forth by the IHSA and IDPH. 


All visiting team athletes should come screened for COVID-19 by their respective coaches/athletic training staff before entering the stadium. Maine West athletic trainers will be on hand and located in the medical tent within the stadium in the event of an emergency. All Maine West athletes will be screened beforehand. Masks must be worn within the medical tent. 


Spectators will be allowed on campus under the following guidelines: 

  • All spectators must wear a mask
  • All spectators must remain a minimum of 6 feet away from anyone who is not immediate family from the same household
  • All spectators must remain 30 ft. from any coaches and/or competitors at all times 
  • All spectators must remain on the pavement at all times (Indicated by the yellow on the map) 
  • Spectators will only be allowed within the stadium to use the restrooms.


Parking can be found in both the C and D Wing parking lots located off of Maine West Drive. Spectators and visiting teams should enter off of Oakton Street as the Wolf Rd. entrance (Warrior Way) will be closed for safety and social distancing. 

Order of Races 

Coaches will determine the order and format of the races beforehand. No race will start until all competitors from the previous race are out of the area of competition. Coaches, you will need to help clear your athletes so we can start the next race. 

Warm Up & Cool Down 

Teams will not be allowed to warm up or cool down on the course. Athletes may use the grounds on the north end of campus or the neighborhoods to the south of the school to warm up and cool down.

Starting Line 


The starting line will be set up for social distancing. Athletes will be grouped and spaced 30 feet apart. 

Finish Line 

A wide mouth finish will be used. Athletes will receive a card with their finish place on it. This they will return to their coach. After receiving the card, athletes need to exit the area as soon as they have finished their race. Coaches, please help keep the finish area clear of your athletes so as to maintain social distancing. 

Restrooms & Locker Rooms 

There are no locker rooms available. Athletes should come dressed ready to run. Restrooms will be available. They are located in the stadium. That being said, there are numerous guidelines that will be followed. Athletes should plan on long wait times and adjust accordingly. It is recommended that athletes use the bathroom before coming. 

Additional Guidelines and Protocols 

  • All athletes & coaches must wear a mask at all times except when warming up, running the race, or cooling down. This includes when going to the bathroom and when at the team camp.
  •  Athletes/teams should bring their own water bottle as cups and water fountains won’t be provided. 
  • There will be socially distanced water stations at each team camp for refilling water bottles
  • All races are limited to no more than 50 participants including officials, coaches, workers, etc.