Cross Country Meet vs. Deerfield


Deerfield High School - Deerfield, IL -- Deerfield High School Back Fields

Meet at the H Entrance by 3:40pm to take the buses to the meet.


CSL North Dual Meet: Highland Park at Deerfield 9/22/2020 


Drop off will be in our east parking lot by the softball fields. Athletes/coaches with their own vehicles  may park in the east lot as well. Athletes will then walk down the path towards the north end of the  school where the visitors’ team camp will be located (shown on map). Deerfield’s team camp will be on  the practice soccer field (shown on map). 30 feet of distance must be maintained between the  racecourse and athletes not currently racing. 


Spectators are permitted but are limited to two spectators per athlete and must check in and complete  a screening form. Full details are at the end of this packet. Please be sure to share this information with  your families. Spectators may park in our east parking lot and are restricted to the softball area only  (shown on map). Masks and social distancing are required at all times for spectators. 


The time schedule is as follows. The meet will start at 5:00pm or 30 minutes after the visiting team  arrives. We will not run ahead of schedule, and we will do our best not to fall behind schedule. 

5:00 Frosh/Soph (2 miles) 

5:30 Varsity (3 miles) 

6:00 Junior Varsity (3 miles) 

Each team can enter 20 runners in each race for a total of 40 runners per race. If one team doesn’t fill all  their spots, the other team may enter more than 20 as long as the total does not exceed 40 runners.  


Deerfield will record team, place, and time for each finisher using the SprintTimer app. A finish line video  will also be taken for help with identification. All finish photos with time stamp and finish videos will be  posted to a Google Drive and shared with all coaches. To get complete results, we request help from the  visiting coach in reviewing the video, identifying their runners, and entering their names and grades into  the results. 


We have a 203-foot starting line with 29 boxes, each seven feet wide. Each box will contain one runner.  Each team will receive 14 starting boxes in the front row, and a box will remain open between each  team. All other runners must start six feet behind a teammate in row two. 


The “Back 40,” which is the land over the river where the start and finish are located, will be closed to  everyone except coaches, workers, athletes competing or about to compete, and media members. 

The entire course will be closed for warm-up and cool down for the entire day. Only athletes competing  should be on the course. Runners should bring water and must wear a mask as they travel from their 

camp to the starting line. Each runner can leave their items at the starting line and pick them up after  they finish before exiting the Back 40. 

The entire course is double lined creating a lane to run. There are flags  and posts indicating turns as well, but there are some tricky intersections where wrong turns are  somewhat common if a runner is unfamiliar with the course. Please make sure your runners know the  course, specifically how many loops they are doing of each field. 

Please note that the entire course is shifted about 40 meters forward this year to accommodate a wider  starting line. So the start, finish, and mile marks on the map are about 40 meters short, but the correct  markings are painted on the ground. 

The two-mile course is identical to the three-mile course except for two differences. There is an early  first turn ~150 meters into the race, and the big loop around all the baseball and softball fields is only  done once, not twice. The two-mile mark for the three mile course is also the one-mile mark for the two  mile course. 


Spectator Policy 

We recognize that watching your son/daughter compete has been a missing component of the 20-21  Cross Country season. We have worked hard to offer home competitions that are safe for all runners and  coaches. At this time we feel we are ready to allow spectators on campus for our home DUAL(NO  Spectators for any meets larger than a dual) meets this fall. Note that if the social distancing guidelines  and the restricted spectating areas are not followed we will go back to not allowing spectators for home  meets. Visiting teams will be allowed spectators as well and we hope that you will welcome them and  help direct them to the CHECK IN area. We appreciate, more than ever, your help in following the  guidelines set forth to keep the athletes, coaches and spectators safe.  

  • There is a limit of two spectators per athlete. 
  • Spectators have two options for completing the health screening process, which is mandatory for  all spectators. 

o Fill out the screening form prior to arriving on campus. This form must be PRINTED and  handed in at the CHECK IN location.

o Fill out a Spectator Covid-19 Screening From at the CHECK IN location.  

  • Spectators should park in the EAST Parking Lot. 
  • Do not arrive prior to 30 minutes before the meet is scheduled to begin. 
  • All spectators must stop at the CHECK IN table, located by the building off the EAST Parking  Lot. Maintain social distancing while waiting to check in. 
  • All spectators passing the screening questionnaire will receive an “Approved Spectator” sticker  that must be worn while on campus and in view of event supervisors. 
  • Masks must be worn to and from the assigned spectator area. 
  • Spectators must be at least 30 feet from all athletes and coaches. 
  • We have designated spaces for up to 50 spectators. These designated spaces will be at least 30  feet apart. 
  • No pets are allowed. 
  • Bring your own chair if you wish to sit. 

The coaches and athletes have been working hard and have shown great improvement already this  season. We look forward to seeing you on campus for our home meets and we know your son/daughter  will enjoy your support as they compete.  

Thank you for your help in making this a successful and safe experience for all. 

Gayle Luehr Nate Flannery 

Interim Athletic Director Associate Athletic Director