Lakes Sundown Series


Lakes (Lake Villa) - Lake Villa, IL -- Lakes Community High School

Those competing will meet at the HPHS H Entrance 

Be there by 2:15pm (you will be excused from your 6th period class on Friday. Please talk with your teachers ahead of time!)


The Lakes Sundown Series Lakes Community High School welcomes your team to our Sundown Series!  

Location: 1600 Eagle Way, Lake Villa, IL 60046 

Teams and Box Assignments:

1- Lake Zurich
2- Vernon Hills
3- Deerfield-Boys
4- Grant
5- Highland- Boys
6- Lake Forest- Girls
7- Grayslake Central
8- Carmel
9- Lakes
10- Mundelein
11- Warren
12- Antioch

Course Information: The meet will be held at our Eagle Acres Course located on the LCHS Campus.

3 mile course consisting of 3 loops (each loop is a mile) 

  • Terrain is grass with a 400m each loop on a prairie trail 
  • Quick access to restrooms 
  • Multiple access points to the majority of the 1 mile loop 
  • Entire campus is open for warm up, including over 600m of grass soccer fields. 

Course Records: Course opened in 2016. 

  • Jack Aho (Grayslake Central) - 14:18.8 
  • Brooke Stromsland (Lakes Community) - 17:19.1 

Meet Information: We will run a co-ed Flighted Invitational. Teams may enter 8 athletes into the meet. The  coach will designate athletes as #1 – 8. We will run four total races by combining flights (1/2, 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8). Flights will be co-ed with 2 athletes per team and gender for a total of 40 athletes in a 10 team race (44 athletes  for 11 teams). Races will be run based on IHSA recommendations. 

Livestream Link 

Meet Schedule: Each race will begin after the entire race course has been cleared.  

  • Flight 1 (#7 and 8) – 4:30pm  
  • Flight 2 (#5 and 6) – 5:00pm 
  • Flight 3 (#3 and 4) – 5:30pm 
  • Flight 4 (#1 and 2) – 6:00pm 

Note: All flights are Co-Ed. Boys and Girls will start their flight races at the same time. 

Scoring: Scores from each of the three flight races will be added together to compute the final score. All flights  have the same value. The best possible score is 18 points. In a case of a tie, the finish of the runners in the  championship flight will be the tiebreaker. If a team does not have 9 runners, then a ghost runner will be used;  however, they must fill in the flights starting with the championship flight. 

Score Sheet: Athletes will be given a place card when they finish. We will have athletes writing down finishing  places. However, athletes should give this card to their coach. Coaches can enter their athlete’s place on a  Google Spreadsheet. Lakes community will add the finish times at the conclusion of the meet.  

Results: Results will be posted to by Saturday morning and they will be e-mailed to each coach as  soon as they are available. 

Entries: You may enter 8 total athletes in the race. Entries are due on at NOON of the Wednesday before the race. ID information: Meet 1 (#179277), Meet 2 (#179278), Meet 3 (#180920).

The maximum amount of athletes that a team can bring on campus is 10. 

Awards: No awards for this year. 

Locker Facilities: Locker facilities are not available. Restrooms are  


Concessions: There will be no concessions available. 

T-Shirts: T-shirts will be available for $20 at the meet. 

Shirts are long sleeve and available in Pink and Safety Yellow. 

Safety: Each team may bring up to 10 participants. No one (including coaches) is allowed on the course except  for competing athletes. Each team will have a designated team camp and warm up area.  NO SPECTATORS will be allowed on campus. 

MASKS must be worn at all times (except during when racing)! 


Sundown Series Records 


Flight 1: Drew Spiegel (Deerfield) – 18:33.2 

Flight 2: Dalton Hass (Lakes) – 17:39.5 

Flight 3: Brandon Barber (Deerfield) – 16:51.9  


Flight 1: Paige Gibbons (Lake Forest) – 20:55.8

Flight 2: Maddie Perez (Lakes) – 19:53.6

Flight 3: Brooke Stromsland (Lakes) – 17:26.4