CSL Invite


Deerfield High School - Deerfield, IL -- Deerfield High School Back Fields

Boys CSL North Championship at Deerfield 

DATE: October 17, 2020 

SCHOOLS: Deerfield, Highland Park, Maine East, Maine West, Niles North, Vernon Hills 


We will contest the same four races that are normally contested at the CSL Championships. The  difference is that each race will be limited to seven entries per team on the lower levels instead of  unlimited entry, due to the Covid-19 IHSA Guidelines. There will be two open races to accommodate  additional runners. 

Each of the four races will contain six teams, so 42 runners maximum in each race. We require that each  team provide just one coach per race to accommodate this. We must follow the IHSA Covid-19 guideline  that states “Student participants, coaches, timers, and paid/volunteer meet officials are restricted to a  combined total of 50 per race.” 42 student participants, six coaches, one official, and one timer is a total  of 50 people. All others, including additional coaches must be 30 feet away from the course at all times. 


8:10 – Coaches Meeting, if necessary 

8:30 – Open (2 miles), no entry limit unless total goes beyond 42 

9:00 – Freshmen (2 miles), limit 7 entries 

9:30 – Sophomores (3 miles), limit 7 entries 

10:10 – Junior Varsity (3 miles), limit 7 entries 

10:50 – Open (3 miles), no entry limit unless total goes beyond 42 

11:30 – Varsity (3 miles), limit 7 entries 

*Note: The reason Varsity is the last race is to allow ample time for scoring. Since we are hand-timing  and hand-scoring this year, it is more time-consuming. We want to allow time to get accurate places and  scores and settle potential disputes without worrying about bleeding into the next race. 


Deerfield will time each race using the SprintTimer app which takes FAT-style finish photos but is hand started. An iPad behind the finish line will take head-on video of the finish. Bibs will be worn by all 

runners to help with identification. If needed, the official might be called to the finish line to review  video or photos for close finishes. Coaches might be called to the finish line to review video or photos to  identify their runners. All video and photos will be shared with all coaches after the conclusion of the  meet via Google Drive. 


The team trophy will be awarded to the varsity team with the most points between the dual meets and  championship meet, based on the CSL’s guidelines. All dual meet results from the season should be  verified before the start of the championship meet. 

Medals will be awarded to the top 14 varsity finishers. These runners will be considered CSL All Conference. 

Ribbons will be awarded to the top 14 finishers in the JV, Sophomore, and Freshmen races. 

There will be no awards ceremony. Please check before you leave whether the awards are ready to be  handed out. If not, we will send awards to each coach by mail. 


No spectators allowed. 


Drop off will be in our east parking lot by the softball fields. Athletes/coaches with their own vehicles  may park in the east lot or the main lot. Team camps will be in the following locations (also shown on  course map). 

Deerfield: Northeast Building Door 

Highland Park: Soccer Field 

Maine East: Softball Middle 

Maine West: Softball South 

Niles North: Baseball Outfield 

Vernon Hills: Softball North 


We have a 203-foot starting line with 29 boxes, each seven feet wide. Each box will contain one runner.  Each team will receive 4 starting boxes in the front row, and a box will remain open between each team.  All other runners must start six feet behind a teammate in row two. 


The “Back 40,” which is the land over the river where the start and finish are located, will be closed to  everyone except for one coach per team, workers, athletes competing or about to compete, athletic  trainers, and media members.

The entire course will be closed for warm-up and cool down once the first race has started. After that,  only athletes competing should be on the course. Runners should bring water and must wear a mask as  they travel from their camp to the starting line. Each runner can leave their items at the starting line  and pick them up after they finish before exiting the Back 40.