2013 24 Hour Run

Thursday, January 10 2013


Since 1994, Highland Park High School has devoted the entire month of February to raising money for a charity nominated and voted upon by the students. This year the students of Highland Park High School have chosen Children’s Oncology Services, Inc. (COSI).  Children’s Oncology Services, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to offering year-round programming that allows children with cancer to just be kids. COSI believes that a diagnosis of cancer should not prevent a child from experiencing the simple joys of childhood. COSI was created when Dr. Edward Baum, a pediatric oncologist at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, recognized that the isolation from school, activities and peers was having negative social and developmental consequences for his patients. COSI is volunteer-driven, relying on more than 400 volunteers to plan and operate a wide portfolio of camping, recreational and educational programs for children and adolescents diagnosed with cancer; these experiences of joy translate into a renewed sense of hope and control over their lives, increased happiness and self-esteem and reduced anxiety.  


The Highland Park High School Boys and Girls track teams are joining efforts once again to raise as much money as possible with the 8th Annual 24 Hour Run. The 24 Hour Run is a 24-hour relay races in which members of the track team take turns running 1 mile at a time.  The event takes place on HPHS’s indoor track for 24 hours starting on February 1st and concluding on February 2nd.  After only 7 years, the 24 Hour Run has raised in excess of $148,000; and in this our 8th year the goal is to raise over $30,000, which would exceed the record amount raised in one year for the 24 Hour. We also hope to cover over 240 miles during the run.


We ask that you become an honorary member of the HPHS Track Team by making a contribution to this cause.  Any amount that you contribute will help. Donations can be made on a per-mile basis or simply a dollar contribution. Checks can be made payable to Highland Park High School. If you wish to donate with credit card then visit our website, www.24hour-run.com and click on the “Donate” panel and enter a preferred amount. The Highland Park High School Boys and Girls Track Teams, Highland Park High School, and most importantly those affected these diseases are infinitely grateful for your generosity.


*Also, anyone interested in running a mile (or a few) please let us know.   We would love to have many alumni run in the event!