Ari Rothschild and Jonah Hanig Earn Regional Medals

Saturday, October 23 2010 - IHSA 3A Cross Country Regional - Lake Forest

At the Lake Forest Regional senior Ari Rothschild ran another strong race.  He went through the mile with Stevenson's Kevin Wood and Glenbrook North's Nick Hall.  Ari tried to pull away during the second mile but was not able to.  Kevin Wood then made a big move just before the two mile to put a gap on Rothschild and Hall.  Ari was in third coming down the final stretch, but was able to close in a 65 for the final 400 to finish in 2nd (15:12.94) just a second behind Kevin Wood (15:11.5).  
Sophomore Jonah Hanig had a break through race.  He was with the chase pack early in the race and was in fifth place for most of the race.   He had a strong kick down the final stretch to beat out a Lake Forest runner for the 5th place medal (15:54.97).   Jonah was only 7 seconds behind 4th place.
Sophomore Emmett Smith had another solid race finishing in 11th place running 16:21.28.  
After that, the 4th-7th runners for HP were too far back and did not have the strong finishes needed for the team to win Regionals.  With the goal being to win Regionals, the team placed a disappointing second.  


Coach CainesMonday, October 25 :: 12:58:43 pm      
Gentleman, it always hurts when you don't attain what you have worked so hard for. Despite the fact that most of the guys who raced Saturday ran their fastest times of the season (or of their life!) and we still got second place tells you something about the level of competition. You are still the team that turned this program around in one year, you are still the same guys who had big goals at the start of the season. Two of your brothers have gone down to injuries, but seven will line up on Saturday. Picture perfection in your race plan for sectionals and get at it!

Swol!!!!Wednesday, October 27 :: 11:38:14 am      
Its a new race this Saturday. No one cares who one their regional or who barely scraped by with a 5th place team finish. Teams that should qualify for state will choke, teams that shouldnt qualify for state or have a long shot at qualifying, will put it together as a team to make it to state. What kind of team is HPXC? You've all busted your asses since the beginning of June and on Saturday it comes together. Just get out there and RACE. Race likes there is nothing left to race for. Race with guts and heart. You make all of the alumni proud with your performances thus far in the season. Race FBO (fuckin balls out). Good Luck!! Swol

esmith28Wednesday, October 27 :: 6:57:07 pm      
what swol said! let's get after it and run like gangbusters out there on saturday

atkinsThursday, October 28 :: 10:02:27 pm      
"Just get out there and RACE. Race likes there is nothing left to race for. Race with guts and heart." QFE

G-SmithFriday, October 29 :: 9:35:00 am      
"Great moments are born from great opportunities." -Herb Brooks Swol said it right. Nobody cares how you have raced this season. If you put it together on Saturday, that's all that anyone will remember. Good luck boys and get it done!