Cross Country Team Qualifies For Sectionals

Saturday, October 24 2009 - IHSA 3A Cross Country Regional - Lake Forest

The 2009 Highland Park High School Boys Cross Country Team placed 5th at the Lake Forest Regional to qualify for the Schaumburg Sectional Meet.  The team was lead by Ari Rothschild who earned a medal with his 5th place finish.


sw_adminSunday, October 25 :: 8:57:36 am      

WOW is all I can say for this picture.

sw_adminSunday, October 25 :: 8:58:32 am      

The coach didnt let me run for a religious reason and you guys got 5th out of seven. Mazel Tov

sw_adminSunday, October 25 :: 9:02:49 am      

Am I the only one who finds it funny that the guy who runs the 2nd most amount of miles isn't even top 7? I find it HILARIOUS!!!

Coach CainesSunday, October 25 :: 1:05:05 pm      

Congratulations for what was the best TEAM race to date. The class and courage Jordan showed with the last minute line up change exemplifies the character of him and his teammates. You guys did HP proud.

G-SmithSunday, October 25 :: 1:27:44 pm      

 1-Atkins was not in the top 7 because Coach Caines and the IHSA had some miscommunication and Atkins wasn't in the top 12 that Caines sent in so he was ineligible to race.  He should have been in the top 7!

2-Ari ran the MOST miles last Summer and he raced faster than you all season

3-If you don't want to be a part of this team then please stop visiting this website and disrespecting the individuals who commit to this sport and take their training seriously


Another congrats to the guys who ran in that Regional race.  We stepped it up and raced to the best of our abilities which got us a spot at Sectionals and within 20 points of beating Deerfield!  As DJ said on the bus yesterday, don't get complacent!

BroutmanSunday, October 25 :: 1:52:18 pm      

I just want to tell you guys that I am proud of you all. Go get them next week! Reeven...I find YOU hilarious. In an extremely pathetic way.

sw_adminSunday, October 25 :: 2:48:51 pm      

It's extremely pathetic that you guys think you're good. If you know you suck (which you do) and try hard: great; you guys suck, talk like you're the best, only beat the two worst teams in the state, but still think you're good. Lukas runs less miles a week than ari, but he'd beat ari running backwards. I know I suck at running... but I WAS the 1st best for 3 meets, and the 2nd best for like 5 meets. That just says truly how AWFULL this xc program is. And Caines: stop lying to the athletic department about stuff. God is more important than running, and evolution is a sin itself. O... Broutman don't you have anything better to do? 

BroutmanSunday, October 25 :: 3:48:35 pm      

Yeah, not being in the same state as you.

BroutmanSunday, October 25 :: 3:57:33 pm      

Buti, I'm sorry this had to happen on your website. Anyway, since for some reason I can't post on the forum, I guess I'll give my update here. School overall is great. Classes are really tough, and I'm playing violin in the school orchestra. Running wise, I've only been getting out on the roads once or twice a week, but it's really pretty here so hopefully I'll get out more. My living situation is unique in that I live in a house as opposed to a dorm. The people here a interesting, and I've made a lot of new friends.  I'll be back thanksgiving and then for 4-5 weeks between mid december and mid january, so hopefully I'll see everyone in a couple of months. Say hi to Cormick and Christine for me! Keep up the good work!



sw_adminSunday, October 25 :: 4:17:11 pm      

That's so cute broutman

NoodlesSunday, October 25 :: 6:57:46 pm      

Nice work boys. It was great watching Jonah race up to that position and throughout three years watching Will grow so much as a runner. Just shows the work he put in. Nice work boys, sad i cant be a part of it. But i am proud to be a part of such a good group of guys from top to bottom. Couldnt ask for a better 4 years. Sectionals baby!!!

ButiSunday, October 25 :: 7:37:15 pm      

Congratulations again to the team on qualifying for the Schaumburg Cross Country Sectional!   The team is really coming around thanks to the commitment and hard work of all those still training and racing!    Regionals was a nice team race for us, but we have to bring it up to a new level at Sectionals.   Great efforts by each of you:
Ari – All of your hard work, commitment, and intense desire have gotten you to become one of the top runners in the area.   Now, to get to that next level, you need to continue to get out better in that first 400 meters to the mile.   You know you can beat anyone in the final 400, but you have to make sure you are with them to do so. 
DJ – You are one of the toughest guys around.   You continue to impress us every race.   You have no fear of the pain of pushing yourself beyond your limits.   Continue that at Sectionals and hopefully you will have some teammates that will come with you.    You are a beast!
Jonah – Wow!   What a race.    You went out after it from the start and showed no fear.   As a freshman stepping into that role, showed a lot about the type of athlete and competitor that you are.   We need that same kind of effort and attitude from you going into Sectionals.  
Ian – You have been one of the hardest workers on this team.   Your work over the summer and throughout the season has brought you to a new level.  You ran a nice race, but we both know you are capable of racing even better.   Go into Sectionals with confidence and think of all of the training you have done over the past 365 days to get to this point.  
Garrett – Over the past several years you have been through more then most people would be able to handle.   You could have quit when things got tough and you kept having bad luck with injuries, bees, injuries, ice baths, and injuries.    But you did not!    I am so happy for you making the top seven your senior year.    You deserve this so much.   What you have given to HPHS Cross Country is much more then just running fast times.   You are an outstanding leader and team captain.    The way you have been able to train around your injuries to get you into the top seven is a great credit to you.    Do what you have been doing and just put it all out there at Sectionals.
Brad – What a roller coaster the past week.   First, you lost a top seven spot with an off race, then you find out you are back in due to a roster mistake.   We both know you are capable of racing up there with the guys.    You need to have a positive attitude going into Sectionals and just go after it.  You are a tough racer.   After this season, think about what you are going to do over the next summer to come in better prepared.    
Will – I am so glad that you were able to train and race your way into the top seven.   I am so proud of you.   Your dedication to this team and your training is greatly appreciated.  I love watching you race.   You show no fear and you never give up.    Lets see if you and Garrett can get out a little faster on the start at Sectionals and then just keep passing people throughout the race like you have been doing.  
Quinn – It is always tough to run your best when you are running a time trial.   I really like the way you went after it.   You have had to battle injuries, but have continued to stay focused and work hard.   You have helped push the top seven to be as good as they are.  Thank you for your continued commitment.
Aaron – You have had an inconsistent year, but you did a nice job in the time trial.   You and Quinn really helped push each other.    I like how you want to contribute in team meetings with your enthusiasm, but now we need to think about your training and how to get you back up running where you were last year.   You have a year to get there.   Do you want to really help this team get to the next level?    You can if you commit to it.
Jordan – I feel terrible for the IHSA line-up situation.   You were ready to run your best race at Regionals and to then find out shortly before the race that you cannot run is a tough situation for anyone to be thrown into.   You handled it with great character and class.   That says a lot about who you are as a person and a teammate.   Having to then run a time trial instead of the real race was a challenge, but you made no excuses and you went after it.   Thank you for being the kind of athlete that is committed, coachable, a great teammate, and of the highest level of character.  
Jake – Think about where your career started.   You have come a long way.   I really appreciate the fact that you can admit that maybe you did not work as hard as you could have for the first 3 years here at HP.  By telling the young guys to not make the same mistake shows leadership and dedication to making our program better.   Despite being a little goofy at times, you have added a lot to this team.
Nick – You are a beast!   You have trained as hard as anyone this season and had a great breakthrough.    It was great to see you stay healthy and get in some real solid races, just missing our top 12.   You continue to train and always want to get better.   I cannot wait to see what you will do this track season with your new base of mileage.   Thank you for your incredible dedication to your training and this team.

ButiSunday, October 25 :: 7:42:31 pm      

Thanks to Broutman (glad to hear things are going well) and to all of the other Highland Park Boys Crosss Country Alumni that have continued to support our program by visting practices, wishing us luck, coming to meets, and following the team's progress on the website!   It is greatly apprectaied!!!  Thank you!  It is also awesome to see how many alums are still competing at the next level (good luck at your conference meets!).     

wchukSunday, October 25 :: 7:59:55 pm      

Thanks alot Buti, and yes i definitely need to get out faster on saturday

hungryrunner11Sunday, October 25 :: 8:22:22 pm      

Buti- I really appreciate what you have done for our team and the patience you have shown. You are truly a coach that is willing to sacrifice anything for his team and be there when we need him most. Your support for us has shown this team how much this truly means to us as a whole and what we can accomplish if we are willing to put in the hard work and commitment. I can speak for everyone on the this team when I thank you from the bottom of my heart how much you have truly given to this team. From your showing up to our early saturday practices to staying very late to make us ice baths, your commitment to this team is really noticed and deeply appreciated. Coach Buti, what you have given us is the gift of running with heart and now we want to give back to you by running our asses off at sectionals. We want to show you how much this sport means to us as a team and what we are willing to give. Again, thank you for believe in us. NOW LET'S GET IT DONE ON SATURDAY!

Swol!!!!Sunday, October 25 :: 8:25:33 pm      

In my 4 years on HPXC, I have learned many things about myself and about being a team.  But I consistently see the same theme in each lesson, stick with it.  Anything that is important you doesnt come without determination.  The guys i started this with have all had their ups and downs. Nudelman sucked freshman year (sorry noodles), but he put in the time over 4 years and he finished his 3-mile time trial in a time that was over 10 minutes faster than he did freshman year.  Garrett couldve quit when he thought that he had recovered from a stress fracture only to find that he had another one but he didnt and now he is in the varsity top 5 that is going to sectionals.  I couldve quit when I had an injury going into the summer before my senior year of XC but I didnt.  My season didnt turn out as successful as I wanted it to but that's life.  You can put in the time and the worse thing that happens is you fail and you move on, which is much better than not trying at all. So, when you are racing whether its this weekend or anytime, and you're ready to give up, think about the time you have put in, think about that extra 400 PI that our coaches made us run, think about how you have never quit before and how you're not about to quit right now.  Get out there, race hard, and never give up.


davidberfSunday, October 25 :: 8:58:28 pm      

Hey guys! It's great to see a picture of all of you looking like such seasoned veterans. I mean WOW. I'm glad to see that you guys still have your priorities straight: running is what it's all about.

Broutman! I like your style, and I like that you're still playing the violin. I'll be coming home in mid-December as well so we should get some runs in (that goes for current HP runners as well).

I guess I don't have anything better to do than wish you guys good luck at Sectionals. It looks like the captains, and the seniors in general, are doing a great job though, and those competing at Sectionals have been putting in the work all year. Congratulations you guys!

ButiMonday, October 26 :: 1:13:03 pm      

Another thing:
Only 20 teams make each Sectional.   For the Schaumburg Sectional 20 out of 31 teams made it and we are one of them.    There are a total of 20 Regionals and 5 Sectionals and that includes 155 Class 3A teams.    Of those 155 only 100 make it to Sectionals and only 20 of those 100 make it to the IHSA State Cross Country Meet.  Of those 20, only 3 get a trophy.   It is a tough road, but we have taken the first step.  Way to go boys!

JamieMonday, October 26 :: 5:35:33 pm      

 This is a little random but does anyone else notice how much shorter this years team is than last years?

KraussMonday, October 26 :: 10:09:31 pm      

Matt Black skews the average by being 11 feet tall

onesweetworld3Thursday, October 29 :: 12:33:34 pm      
You boys continue to make me proud. I'm not only proud of your running accomplishments, but of your character. I've watched so many of you grow from freshman (or some of you as my former students or youth distance running campers) to athletes who have learned how to train hard and race tough. And you celebrate each others' accomplishments. You are truly a team. I'm sure you know that this team, and you all individually, mean so much to my husband. And what's important to him, is important to me. Good luck Saturday, and get out there! Don't save anything. Trust your training and trust that you WILL have a kick at the end, even if you race as hard as you can throughout. Be mentally tough and don't feel sorry for yourself when it starts to hurt. Don't make me come hit you with a board after the race. :)

JhanigFriday, October 30 :: 10:23:02 pm      
Good Job Boys!

JhanigFriday, October 30 :: 10:23:13 pm      
Good Job Boys! Lets all go to Buff Joes to Celebrate!