Despite Adversity, Team Finishes Season Racing Tough

Saturday, October 31 2009 - IHSA 3A Boys Cross Country Sectionals - Schaumburg

The 2009 season comes to an end for Highland Park Cross Country with a grueling race at the Schaumburg Sectional.   The team was once again led by Ari Rothschild who did not have his best race.   He got out after it in the first 400 and just could not stay up where he wanted to be on this day.  We had a nice 2-4 pack with a senior (DJ Erf), a freshman (Jonah Hanig), and a sophomore (Ian Jacobs).    Our top 5 was rounded off with our senior captain Garrett Smith running another gutsy race considering all he has been through.  Quinn McAleer and Aaron Lidawer were our 6th and 7th team finishers.    


Despite losing 2 guys to illness this week (both in our top 7), one guy to a line-up error last week (from our top 7), and a few to injuries (who could have been top seven runners), this team stepped up all season and never made any excuses.  We are proud of what the team was able to accomplish despite adversity.    


The challenge is now for the guys that return next year to make the commitment to get a team to that next level!   It starts now.  365 days to dedicate to training to become a better, stronger, and even tougher runner.      Make the commitment to excellence and help the tradition grow!


Thank you to all of the seniors for the leadership and commitment that they have shown while being members of Highland Park High School Boys Cross Country.    You are now part of the history of this program forever. (Track & Field time baby!)


sebeanSaturday, October 31 :: 9:21:28 pm      
Nice season boys! It was great to see you guys last weekend at regionals. Now that Cross is over, everyone needs to get at it for track! This includes taking up a steady core and lifting program!, and not just for the first couple weeks but the entire off season. You'll be a strongers racer, faster, and have some great kicks (look at Matt Black as an example of the advantages of being strong). Again, great job this season boys, and I look forward to seeing some beastly times in track.

NoodlesSunday, November 1 :: 2:32:37 pm      
spencie, i miss you. I'm so mad that I'm sick and couldn't be there, i heard it was an amazingly sloppy course. Anyway, its awesome how much we have done this season. Going from the summer to now we accomplished a lot. Buti said it right....TRACK AND FIELD BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NoodlesSunday, November 1 :: 2:33:36 pm      
Also Ari, cant wait to stalk your journey to state next year!!!

JamieSunday, November 1 :: 8:04:35 pm      
It really sucked that Brad and Will had swine flu

Swol!!!!Sunday, November 1 :: 8:33:39 pm      
yea we were up against alot towards the end of the season but thats why we have a top 12 with people that are training just as hard as the competitors even if they get so close to competing. for example, the 12th man by sectionals becoming the 8th man, nick ("im beastly and im strangely reminiscent of matt black) luttrell

Coach CainesMonday, November 2 :: 12:21:03 pm      
A cross country team is more than a group of individuals wearing the same uniform and running in a few races. It is a group of individuals who share the same vision for their success. They are committed to training for their sport and for each other. This is not something that only occurs in season, it is done year round. It's never about just the top guys, they respect the effort of every man on the team. We applaud the effort of each guy who trains up to his potential, who overcomes injuries and adversity, who makes a contribution to the greater good. Overcoming your own disapointments, staying the course, supporting your team, and never giving up is what defines a cross country athlete. The 2009 team will be remembered as a young, inexperienced squad with great senior leadership. DJ, Garrett, and Swol spoke from the heart on the bus ride home Saturday, you will not find teammates with greater character than those 3. It is not desirable or easy to overcome the challenges you faced this season. Rather than casting blame, making excuses, and quitting, you never gave up and became a closer team in the process. Coach Buti and myself have seen this, and believe in what you can become. Hard work beats talent over time boys, let's move on to Track & Field baby!

G-SmithMonday, November 2 :: 7:21:53 pm      
Amen to what to Coach Caines said. This team has come a long way from August, but as any distance runner knows, our season never ends. The Winter brings out the best and worst in people because it reveals who is willing to put in the mileage, the lifting, and the core when the coaches aren't around and the weather is frightful. Lets get it done this winter boys. "The world doesn't stop when you close your eyes." -Scot Frazin Track & Field . . . YEAH BABY YEAH BABY!