Scott Rothschild runs the Human Race 10K - NightRun Tel Aviv 2009

Monday, October 26 2009 - Scott Rothschild

Scott Rothschild (Class of 2009), who is spending a year in Isreal, ran the Human Race 10K - NightRun Tel Aviv 2009.

He ran a 39:00.12 for the 10K race finishing in 54th out of 9376 runners.  


NoodlesMonday, October 26 :: 10:24:23 pm      

That a boy Aris brother

KraussMonday, October 26 :: 11:06:48 pm      

I don't know if you've ever raced a 10k before, but as you now know, it eats your soul.  At least you broke even and devoured the souls of the 9000 people behind you.

Coach CainesTuesday, October 27 :: 8:46:45 am      

Nice job Scott, the race sounds a little larger than Peoria!

skotty626Tuesday, October 27 :: 10:27:51 am      

 haha just a little, coach

officially 58th out of 9376

NoodlesWednesday, October 28 :: 1:35:19 am      

How was this timed and such. did u need a nike wristband or nike ipod sensor thing or did it not have anything to do with that?

skotty626Wednesday, October 28 :: 7:56:00 am      

they gave you a chip for your shoe when registered, just like most road races in america. 

onesweetworld3Thursday, October 29 :: 1:20:18 pm      
Way to go, Scott!